I wish I was Canadian, then at least I’d know I’m free

Hobby Lobby = hypocrisy. this should not be a surprise anyone. But 7 blatantly corrupt Supreme Court judges should be enough to start the revolution. Also, congress passed a law allowing them to profit from inside trading. Don’t know how Fox news missed that. How do I portray sarcasm in text again?



Don’t ever trust the navy. They will lie to your face, steal from you and then say it was all your fault. The U.S. Navy at has the discusting habit of asking contractors to come to there facility. but once the contractor gets there they have to jump through hoops to get through the gate. once they do get on base they are told to park way over in G lot. everyone knows there are no spots after 6AM but that is the ONLY place outside contractors are to park. And then, today, a contractor asked a cop if he could park next to a building. the cop said yes, the contractor put up a sign, and another cop comes along and gives him a ticket. Never trust the navy.

My first entry

I think I might be going crazy in my old age. I started this blog as a record of my ever diminishing mental state. a way to keep track of all the crazy stuff I used to believe.

For instance, have you ever read the bible? God is portayed as a insecure, childish, vengeful monster. Satan on the other hand is credited with rebelling against gods evil on behaf of humanity. He was cast out and givin his own kingdom. from here history could have be written very differently. Merica could today be a Satanic nation and perhaps all the better for it.